A tragic survival of a war child (documentary by Sumi Khan)

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A war crimes tribunal is set to deliver its verdict  in the case against former state minister Syed Mohammad Qaisar for his alleged crimes against humanity committed during the Liberation War.Qaisar faces 16 charges of crimes including killing Bangalees, especially Hindus and freedom fighters, during the war in 1971.

An alleged local leader of anti-liberation forces Razakar and Peace Committee, the war crimes accused was charged with participating and abetting an act of genocide in 22 villages under Nasirnagar upazila in Brahmanbaria that left 108 Hindus dead.
Qaisar, 73, alleged founder of Qaisar Bahini, which had 400-500 collaborators to assist the Pakistan army, was also charged with at least 11 incidents that left 47 people dead, two incidents of rape and two incidents of inhuman acts between April 27 and November 15, 1971.

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