Kyrgyzstan plane crash killed 38

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Officials have now told that one of the pilots was seen staggering around the crash site after he “managed to climb out of the debris by himself.”They did not say which of the pilots it was that had been seen walking around.

Witnesses said ‘entire families’ had been wiped out after the Turkish jet smashed into homes in Kyrgyzstan in the early hours of this morning with officials blaming “pilot error”.


The death toll has now risen to 38, including 14 children, after a cargo plane crashed into a village while trying to land in thick fog.



Chilling drone footage shows the extent of the crash, which destroyed 23 houses, with one eyewitness saying it “killed entire families”.

A Kyrgyzstan official has told that a “pilot error” caused the crash and local media reporting that looters have descended to plunder through the wreckage with one man detained by police for pilfering two kettles.

One eyewitness said: “There’s nothing left of the houses, people were killed with their whole family, their children. Many people were sleeping.”

One nine year old boy reportedly left the family home early for school in a neighbouring village.However, after seeing the plane come down he reportedly ran back to his home to find his entire family had been killed.


One heartbreaking video shows a woman, who reportedly lost her son in the crash, crying at the scene.

It has been reported that the cargo plane was making a refuelling stop in foggy conditions at Bishkek’s Manas Airport and was en route from Hong Kong to Istanbul.

Russian broadcaster NTV reported attempted a second landed “but failed to climb”.

The pilot has been named as Ibrahum Gurcan Diranci, who was formerly a military airman in Turkey.

He was previously involved in an emergency landing of an ACT Airlines aircraft at Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan in 2010.

This was blamed on a landing gear fault caused by poor maintenance.


The second pilot has been named as Kazim Ondul.

Bishkek transport official Marat Amankulovso said” “The cargo jet was approaching the runway from the east.

“At the landing it didn’t come down on the runway, flew over it, its fuselage touched the fence and after that it crashed.”

He added: “It is hard to say whether the fog affected the situation.

“We are told that all the standards were met, and that planes were landing in the same conditions earlier.”

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